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Use a Los Angeles local electrician to book your electrical services. Hire a confident local electrical contractor with top customer reviews for electrical work.

Agoura Hills

With over 20,000 people, Agoura Hills has unique energy needs being in the Eastern Conejo Valley between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Simi Hills. As part of Los Angeles County, our electricians will cover all residential and commercial services in Agoura Hills, including wiring, installations, upgrades, new constructions, and more. Most people who live in Agoura Hills own their home, and we want to help you keep it safe, updated, and efficient with the latest energy resources available in your area. Contact us today for a local electrician in Agoura Hills!p-0


Our electrical team provides a complete electrical plan on paper before physical installation. This helps everyone involved in a commercial project to visualize the impacts of an upgrade, retrofit, repair, or construction. Commercial wiring carries more power than a residential project, including 480 and 600 volts. Our goal is to optimize your business’ electrical design.


Residents and businesses in Encino are focused on sustainable programs and community efforts, and we provide the best modern and updated electrical and energy sources available. With over 44,000 people, this small city is located in San Fernando Valley, and our customers with homes and businesses can trust our licensed electricians in Encino. For residential and commercial expertise in electric services and innovative electricity solutions, Contact us for an electrical contractor in Encino!

Los Angeles

With over 4 million people, Los Angeles is one of the country’s largest cities and requires an extensive amount of energy to handle all of its residential and commercial customers. Barin Electrical provides comprehensive electrical services in Los Angeles, including electric system planning and upgrades, new constructions, remodeling, and minor to major electrical repairs. From homes to museums, theaters, and more, we send the best electricians in the Los Angeles area to you with 24/7 emergency service, too! Our licensed electricians in Los Angeles meet all of the city’s coding and safety regulations, and we take seriously providing safety inspections for our clients to keep their homes and businesses safe. Contact us for an electrician in Los Angeles!

Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is part of the San Fernando Valley community and is really a section of Los Angeles City. It is bordered by the highways and features a wonderful commercial area with a lively nightlife. Our expert electricians can ensure your business is running smoothly and that you don’t overload circuits during important private events and public events. Barin Electrical provides licensed electricians in Sherman Oaks, including minor to major electrical repairs. Contact us for a residential or commercial electrician today!

Studio City

Being close to Hollywood impact the unique electrical needs of Studio City. Mostly residential, the town is known for the famous CBS Studio Center from the silent film days, and it is a part of Los Angeles City, too. The neighborhood itself is small and part of the San Fernando Valley community, but manages to house about 34,000 people in its 6 square miles! This means electricity projects must be planned carefully and with the power grid in mind. Our licensed electricians in Studio City prevent fires, power outages, and energy problems by knowing how to optimize residential and commercial connections with the latest electrical service technologies. Contact us today for the best local electricians!

Universal City

About 70% of the unincorporated Universal City belongs to Universal Pictures. Housing such a major commercial company, known for its major film studio, means that high quality electricity systems, telecommunications, and technology connections are used all of the time. Other major attractions, like Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal CityWalk are part of this small town. It’s always busy and constantly power packed with electrical needs during the day, well into the night. Barin Electrical is happy to provide long-term maintenance and electrical repairs for Universal City. Contact us today for the best localelectricians!

West Hills

With over 41,000 residents, West Hills is a residential and commercial neighborhood in this San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles City. Mostly residential, we know that power outages are inconvenient, but it is avoidable to not overload a power grid with the right electrical services. Our expert electricians make sure that your home is safe and that your latest electrical systems are properly installed and upgraded. Trust us for reliable emergency services for all of your electric repairs with our licensed electricians in West Hills. Contact us today!