Barin Electrical

Is Barin Electrical Insured And Licensed With Electrical Code Compliance?

Yes! Our residential and commercial electrical services are fully insured and licensed in the State of California (License #1024365). This means that we go the extra mile to comply with local and state regulations, and we’re also regularly educated on updates and the latest developments in the energy industry. The value of a licensed electrician is that the industry requires 2,000 hours of work in a three year period and 32 hours of continuing education to renew a license. This means that we make an effort to stay current with the State of California Department of Industrial Relations.

What Is The Los Angeles Electrical Code?

Electricians who work in Los Angeles must follow the Los Angeles Electrical Code , which is the existing Building Standards for all types of electrical services. There are many different codes to follow, depending on the type of work order completed for residential and commercial buildings.

What Is The Los Angeles Department Of Building And Safety?

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety provides code enforcement throughout the residential and commercial community. They enhance safety, communicate hazards, ensure ordinances and land use regulations are followed by contractors and subcontractors.