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At Barin Electrical , we take pride in becoming your trustworthy residential electricians of Los Angeles. Let us maintain your home’s electrical systems or help you upgrade to the most efficient energy sources. What makes the best home electricians? Free estimates Free phone consultations Free home safety inspection with every repair Always on time Licensed and up-to-date with technology [service_page_form] We offer the following residential electrical services: Installations Safety & Security Systems Electrical Repairs New Construction Electrical Upgrades Networking Services Additions & Remodels Entertainment Systems Smart Wiring For Home Automation Remote Monitoring Solutions


Installing an electrical system or a generator requires a residential electrician with the ability to make safe decisions for your specific home. Sometimes you see someone else’s home ideas and think they can be done the same way on your property, but all homes are different. We ensure that installations are done by following electrical code compliant guidelines and sharing our professional opinion about your installation plans.

Safety & Security Systems

You should feel safe in your home, and if you’ve noticed a faulty home alarm or minor malfunctions, it may be time for an electrical maintenance on your home safety and security systems. From wireless to older models, we make sure everything is truly secure by checking for connections, wires, and digital components that need to be replaced or repaired. These simple electrical services can make a huge difference during a real home emergency.

Electrical Repairs

There are so many different kinds of residential electrical repairs these days. From a minor light flicker in your kitchen to a buzzing sound coming from an outlet, we handle it all. If circuit breakers keep failing or you smell something burning and cannot identify it, it is time for an electrical repair. It’s amazing how people will wait until they feel a small shock or see a spark before calling a residential electrician to check out the problem. Don’t wait!

New Construction

A new construction for your home can be exciting and nerve-wrecking, all at the same time. It’s difficult to place your full attention on only one aspect of the home’s design and structure. Different members of your contracting team will want your input, opinion, and approval throughout the entire process. Our electricians understand that when it comes to electricity, you just want to know it’ll be done safely, by code, and with the most recent options at your disposal. We know everyone has a different idea about what is their “dream home,” but one thing all of those dream homes have in common is that everyone wants to feel safe in their own home at the end of the day.

Electrical Upgrades

Electrical upgrades are becoming more popular as people look for more environmentally-friendly options in their homes. Sometimes upgrades must be done over time, slowly. In some cases, a complete overhaul is possible. When looking to upgrade an electrical system, our residential electricians will evaluate your home, its age of construction, and your long-term plans for the best electrical upgrade plans.

Networking Services

Residential networking services involve most communication systems. From a telephone jack to telecommunications wiring, we understand that you want your home networking to be safe and protected from others invading it, too. With a mix of IT expertise, our electricians can install, repair, and upgrade your at-home networking system for personal or professional use.

Additions & Remodels

If you are renovating any building, especially your home, electricity will be a major part of the structural changes for additions and remodels. Renovations often require rewiring of old homes with substandard or outdated wiring. Since these are considered fire hazards, it is important to consider all elements of a home addition, remodeling, or complete renovation. If you want to add circuits to your home structure, trust our residential electricians to give you the best advice on how to prevent overloading circuit breakers and accomplishing your home renovation goals.

Entertainment Systems

Some electrical repairs are simple, but not everyone knows how to fix a cable or phone issue. Sometimes your internet needs new wiring, or electrical outlets need replacements. Home theaters, sound systems, game stations, and today’s modern technological appliances sometimes take a toll on residential electrical systems, especially in older homes. We are here to help you with these small repairs and find solutions to keep your entertainment systems working to their optimal capacity.

Smart Wiring For Home Automation

New home wiring services are affordable here. Get professional home automation wiring services from a reputable electrician. Contact our Help Center for an electrical contracting work list, wiring ideas, and a smart home automation wiring diagram. Sync home security lighting and appliances with one smart device. Get local electricians for door security camera installation. Get the best home security system installation, smart blind system wiring and automated LED mood dimmers.