Barin Electrical

Commercial Electricians in Los Angeles

We offer the following commercial electrical services: New Constructions Complete Electrical System Designs Energy Efficient Upgrades and Retrofits Switchboard Installation & Maintenance Power Service Installations Commercial Network Installation Power Supply Systems Planning Long-Term Maintenance

New Constructions

New commercial constructions are different than residential constructions with coding and the scope of versatility an electrical system may need to have for a commercial building. Our goal is to work with your other contractors and understand their long-term electrical needs to best setup the electric panels, circuits, wiring, and capabilities from the beginning. Our electrical contractors know your investment is important, and mistakes cost money. We focus on commercial electrical services that are safe, follow code, and offer the best modern energy efficient potential for your new commercial construction.

Complete Electrical System Designs

Our electrical team provides a complete electrical plan on paper before physical installation. This helps everyone involved in a commercial project to visualize the impacts of an upgrade, retrofit, repair, or construction. Commercial wiring carries more power than a residential project, including 480 and 600 volts. Our goal is to optimize your business’ electrical design.

Energy Efficient Upgrades And Retrofits

Electrical upgrades are a fantastic marketing tool for any business today. “Going green” and being “Earth-friendly” can radically impact your customer base targets, and many businesses in Los Angeles need an electrical contractor with the ability to do energy efficient upgrades and retrofits in their commercial properties. While older buildings present some caution due to older internal structures, our team of electricians is experienced in updating wiring and making sure overloads are avoided, making your business investment a smart decision in the long-term.

Switchboard Installation & Maintenance

Proper commercial switchboard installation avoids costly interruptions. It’s clear that any outdated switchboards pose a fire hazard, but more common these days is a loss of electricity and a loss of income due to the power outage. We help our commercial clients prepare for these outages and to maintain equipment over the years, too. We make sure that your current switchboard is able to handle the current energy demands, but we also upgrade and replace old switchboards when needed.

Power Service Installations

We work with your energy supplier to ensure any power service installations are in code and compliant with their services and coverage. From smart meters to traditional readers, we can work with your commercial building’s setup to give you optimal electrical coverage and control over your electricity usage and costs in Los Angeles.

Commercial Network Installation

Commercial network installation has to provide fast, consistent, and reliable connection to run business operations. Our commercial electricians make sure to comply with all industry standards and specifications to install and maintain the IT system, LAN network, telecommunication connections, and more, including wired and wireless services in Los Angeles.

Power Supply Systems Planning

Barin Electrical handles all power supply systems planning from new generators, circuits and equipment that affect the power grid. Our goal is to plan for optimal use of electrical resources available to commercial buildings in Los Angeles. Our commercial electrical contractors are able to provide GEP (generation expansion planning) to help forecast electrical use and costs at the business level, helping you make the best decisions to your electrical construction or upgrade plans.

Long-Term Maintenance

Everyone needs electrical repairs. Commercial long-term maintenance involves everything from minor to major repairs, wire and light replacements when needed, and safety inspections. We are flexible enough to create a schedule that works for you and your commercial properties to ensure customers and staff are safe, too. Don’t wait until an emergency happens, and call us to help plan for optimal commercial electrical services.