Security Cameras


Security Cameras

Residential And Commercial

Security cameras provide protection from burglars & identification of intruders, for your home or business are the .  Properties without security systems are 3 times more likely to be targeted.  Advanced technologies provide various surveillance cameras with many shapes, sizes and functions. The type of cameras you select has a direct impact upon the security system that you'll need. There are wired & wireless cameras and the latter, offer more flexibility since they can be installed virtually everywhere.  The internet-ready systems provide remote viewing and interaction from a PC or a smart phone.  Although digital cameras are much smaller, they are capable of video recording for a much longer time and the feed can be edited and saved on a PC.   Security cameras  with motion sensors can detect the slightest movement and trigger the recording and security lighting systems.

At BARINELECTRICAL, we can troubleshoot & repair your existing security system, as well as, design, configure and install a new custom surveillance system designed specifically for your home or business. First, we'll perform a complete inspection of your property, then we'll propose custom plans that will entail the number & type of cameras, digital video recording units, amount of cabling and the labor involved in the project. 

Don't be fooled by security camera bundles the are sold by major retail or wholesale stores.  After the initial survey of your property, we take our time to research and locate the best brands with features that have the best fit for your needs.  We are mindful of your budget so not only will we demo our proposed system before installation, but we'll also present two plans & let you chose the one that suits you best.  We take our research very seriously in order to offer you a solid security system for the long run.

Our mission is to provide Quality Electrical Services and Designs, With Care, and to back our claim, we offer:

  • Free Estimates
  • Free Survey And Inspection
  • Detailed Proposal & Two Plans
  • Free Demos At Your Location
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • One Year Warranty For Installed Products


Here's the list of our Security Camera Installation & Repair services:

  • Cat5 or Cat6 Wiring
  • Night Time Cameras
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring 
  • SMART Doorbell Intercom
  • 1080p HD Monitor Systems
  • Security Camera Installation
  • 1080p 720p 960H D1 systems
  • Video & Audio Door Intercom
  • Low Voltage Wiring And Cabling
  • License Plate Recognition Camera
  • CCTV Surveillance Installation & Repair
  • NVR or DVR Smart Phone Remote View
  • IP Camera , PTZ Camera , Hidden Camera

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