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Safety Systems

No home or business can afford to be without safety alarm & lighting systems.

You'd think that by now everyone knows the basic safety and disaster prevention concepts, as well as the imminent dangers that threaten homes or businesses.  Yet every year in U.S.A., there are more than 350,000 home fires, resulting in over 2,500 deaths; and that does not include the number of deaths and injuries caused by Carbon Monoxide emission, often called the Silent Killer.  Businesses lose over $12 billion to fires each year and these statistics are constantly rising due to the demand for new homes and business complexes.

Fires are not only caused by gas leaks, cooking distractions or mishandling, portable heaters, old toasters, barbeques, smoking, incense & candles, flammable liquids and unsupervised children; but  faulty electrical wiring and equipment are a major cause of fires also.  You must know the basic symptoms of inadequate or old electrical wiring and components such as lights, outlets, switches and panels. If lights dim when another appliance is used; or if you have to disconnect other appliance(s) to make an appliance work; or if fuses blow or trip the circuit frequently; then have a licensed electrician to inspect your home or business.

Please be sure to have a written Emergency Action Plan and discuss it regularly with your family members, employees or tenants.

BARINELECTRICAL is able to plan, design, and install the most comprehensive safety systems for your home or business. Our safety alarm systems provide affordable and reliable protection that fully complies with strict codes. We will ensure that each safety alarm system is designed and installed according to the specific needs of each individual client.

Some of our Safety Systems services are:

  • AFCI Circuits
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Safety Inspection
  • Emergency Exit Lights
  • Emergency Generators
  • Kids Proof Safety Outlets
  • Emergency Escape Lighting
  • GFCI Pool Lighting Circuits
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors*

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*Our CO2 detectors' installation, testing and maintenance procedures fully comply with NFPA 720 standard.
*The National Fire Protection Association requires that all safety alarms be tested at least once a year.