Residential Experts


As a licensed electrical contractor, BARINELECTRICAL is committed to delivering the highest quality of workmanship and unique designs and solutions at affordable rates for projects of any size, from replacing a simple electrical outlet to completely rewiring your house.

Our residential services are the bulk of our business and naturally we are the residential experts.  We've done electrical repairs, upgrades, and installations, for small or big, old and new houses, apartments, apartment buildings, condos and luxury residences.  With our knowledge and experience, we can quickly troubleshoot & fix common electrical problems, install and upgrade to new electrical systems and components, not matter how small or large the scope of the project or how simple or complex the problem is.

We have also had the fortune of working with renowned architects and major real estate developers and have gained their trust in the quality of our services, innovative solutions and unique designs. Although the high quality of our services is our backbone, design is our true passion and therefore our niche.

Our niche is to create unique designs and solutions, research our products and fixtures to ensure that our customers have several choices and multiple plans to fit their budget and taste.  It actually goes beyond that and our goal is to see and hear our customer tell us that we have gone beyond their expectations or imagination and that they thought 'this' was not possible.  That feels great and that’s our mission.

Whether you need a design to solve the lighting issues in a limited space, or want subtle yet logical placement of various recessed lighting, or to upgrade a chandelier, or outdoor ambiance lighting of beautiful uncommon landscape lighting designs, you’ve come to the right place.  Our product knowledge and research is certainly not limited to the common brands that you can find in any major retail stores and we’re sure you’ll be very pleased with our customized plans and recommendations.  

Rest assured, you'll receive only the highest levels of service from our licensed, experienced electrician that will make you home electrically safe and up to code. Our goal is to offer the best products, services and solutions to our customers; and to treat each customer as a member of our own family.

With BARINELECTRICAL affordable services and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be confident about our high quality electrical services, unique designs and solutions all presented with the utmost care and respect to you, your family and your residence.

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