Lighting Specialist


At BARINELECTRICAL we not only have the knowledge and experience to design, install and deliver high quality lighting systems for your home or business, it is our number one specialty and we love it.  We are experts at creating designer lighting systems that are safe, functional and uniquely beautiful.  

Whether you’re planning a major renovation and addition with all new lighting, or just want to replace and upgrade a few fixtures and switches, you’ll be happy with us at your side.  We truly have a new modern approach towards your indoor and outdoor lighting needs and we’ll start by evaluating the space that you have in mind, in order to create a detailed plan for a successful and beautiful lighting system.  For your indoor lighting needs we’ll assess each room or area and propose where to create ambient, task or accent lighting.  We have access to unique lighting fixtures and we’ll obtain the fixtures that will conform to the overall style of your home or office. 

We will research and provide the architectural, chandeliers, ceiling, wall scones, recessed, art, LED, track, under-cabinet and pendants lighting fixtures that you can’t find in the retail stores. The same designs and care go into what your outdoor lighting dreams are.  We will evaluate your needs; all within you budget, and consider the concepts of safety, security, landscape and garden features, and lifestyle and energy efficiency.    

BARINELECTRICAL is proud to introduce a new  outdoor lighting concept that will make the street view of your house look incredible and we call it Contour LED Lighting System and wait 'till you see a demo.

We have the experience and capability to convert your concept into reality.  Our intelligent plans, unique and pleasing designs and fixtures and our fast and clean installation methods is sure to create a new feel and ambiance that will increase your quality of life and the appeal of your property.

With BARINELECTRICAL affordable services and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be confident that our high quality lighting services, unique designs and solutions; all presented with the utmost care and respect to you, your family, your budget and your residence.