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Hi, my name is Ronald Barin. 

Since I was a kid I was involved with electronics, electricity and electrical equipment.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew that, and would ask me to fix a radio or a TV or their bad fuse.  I was less than 12 years old then.  By the time I was 17 I had my first official job as the quality control and repair technician in an electronics import company.  Since then, I have never stopped tinkering and troubleshooting electronic and electrical problems.  I have studied these two related fields just for the passion of it.  May be it’s more than just passion, it is my calling.  As soon as I gained my technical certificate in electrical technology, I almost immediately was hired to work for a general contractor in central California.  In between projects I would come home to southern California and work for a prominent architect that was into re-designing residential properties into works of art that would sell 4 or 5 times higher than the surrounding comps.  Majority of his projects were in Studio City or neighboring cities.  

That’s how I became familiar with the area.  It didn’t take long for me to appreciate the people in the area.  At the same time I have become fairly well known there and I usually got a lot of walk-ins at the job site.  I really love Studio City and all the cities that Ventura Blvd ties in together.  What a beautiful area!  What a great, classy people.  Almost everyone that I’ve met there or worked for, is more than just a repeat customer, is a friend.

Finally I decided that this place is where I’d like to be established.  I got my Electrical Contractors’ License, C10, from the state of California and with over 20 years of experience, and with a qualified and loyal team, establishing my own business was inevitable.  

Here I am, an American dream come true: and that’s the story of BARINELECTRICAL.

We’re eager to help you with any electrical project regardless of scale and size. Whether it’s a minor repair or major new installation.  We are proud to serve you, from the lovely Studio City all the way to beautiful Westlake Village and the surrounding areas. We want to be your go-to electricians.  We have the expertise to skillfully handle your indoor or outdoor lighting projects, fix your problems, improve your property, and build new, state-of-the-art designs from the ground up.

Whatever your electrical contracting needs, BARINELECTRICAL is ready to provide experience, creativity, and dependability! Make our company your first choice for all your electrician needs.