Residential & Commercial

At BARINELECTRICAL we are committed to the quality of our work with an eye for innovative solutions and intelligent designs.  Rest easy, we love our community and you can be sure that we will listen to you and work around your needs, your budget and your preferences.

With a comprehensive list of our electrical installation services for homes and businesses of all sizes, and no matter how basic or complex the project is; we can help you.

Some of our Electrical Installation Services are

  • Ceiling fans
  • New Electrical Circuits
  • Outlets and Receptacles
  • Electrical Panels and Switches
  • Security Cameras, Alarms & Monitors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Systems
  • High Definition TV Custom Installation
  • Recessed Lighting Design and Installation
  • Breakers, Fuses and Surge Suppression Units

For the complete list of BARINELECTRICAL services, please click here.